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Sorabol's first grand opening in 1979 marked a historical event in the San Francisco Bay Area. Sorabol was the first restaurant to introduce authentic Korean cuisine in Northern California. The restaurant was named after the capital of the Shilla Dynasty (B.C. 57 - A.D. 935). The modern-day city, because of its rich collection of ancient history and arts in Korea, is known as the "museum without walls".


Winning numerous awards and receiving outstanding restaurant reviews by the Bay Area's most famous food critics, Sorabol quickly acquired a long list of dedicated followers. With growing popularity and an ongoing desire to introduce Americans to the rich flavors of Korea, Sorabol soon ventured into the ever popular food court business which was booming in the late 1980's. Since then, Sorabol has established several locations throughout California, Las Vegas Nevada and currently has plans to expand into Washington State and East cost locations in New York and Washington D.C. Sorabol has been a dominant player in the food court arena, becoming a top grosser at all locations within a very short period of time.


 The Sorabol Concept

Sorabol is a contemporary quick-serve restaurant committed to serving the finest and freshest authentic Korean cuisine and Asian noodles. We offer an extensive menu that caters to a broad range of clientele, spanning well beyond the Asian customer. We provide the convenience of fast-food while offering delicious meals at affordable prices, making Korean food a quick and easy alternative to traditional fast-food choices such as hamburgers, sandwiches or your typical Mexican and Chinese options.


The main feature of our concept is traditional Korean Barbecue - a key pillar of Korean cuisine - which include popular dishes such as Kalbi (barbecued short ribs) and Dak Guyee (barbecued chicken). We also serve our barbecued beef and pork recipes which have won numerous awards.


In addition, our menu includes a selection of popular noodle dishes reflecting various Asian flavors. These dishes, prepared as individual orders, feature only the freshest ingredients and can be customized as desired. To accommodate the varied palette of our customers, we offer noodle dishes with and without broth, different types of noodles (e.g., egg, spinach, soba and udon) and even a range of spiciness. In Asian cultures, noodles have always been a symbol of long life. Noodles are often served at major traditional and cultural celebrations as well as weddings and birthdays. They are also commonly served for breakfast because they are considered a healthy start to a long day.


For those with a lighter appetite, we also offer a variety of flavorful vegetarian dishes, stir-fried entrees and tasty appetizers (e.g., dumplings, scallion pancakes and rice rolls). Every item on our menu is prepared fresh throughout the day by our experienced chefs in a flavorful yet healthy, low-fat fashion with absolutely no chemical additives such as MSG.


Our concept appeals to a varied market by providing a healthy, satisfying meal, distinct from other common Asian fare. Primarily, we try to locate ourselves in high traffic retail and entertainment centers as well as college campuses and financial districts. Our commitment to authenticity and friendly service makes even fast-food a pleasurable dining experience full of culture and flavor.

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